Where is the Pre-Woodlands show party next week Redheads????

July 29, 2010 by ktanton

YooHoo...this time next week I will be in H-Town partying with the Redheads at the Pre-Woodlands show party!!! If somebody will tell me...Where the pre-party is????


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Lets Red Rock n Roll in H-town..I am sooo ready!!!...can we get stage passes? Please advise...

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I would like to know where the pre-show party is as well for the Woodlands concert next week. I wonder if our 1013 club cards could get us back there or some meeting point. We can celebrate Sammy's birthday early. I think he needs a birthday hug!

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We are still working on the details??? As of right now - we have several people staying at the Residence Inn!! I am talking to a few Redheads right now. I am hoping that some Redheads who live in the area step up and call us, but if not I am going to the area this weekend and finding us a place. We need a head count please