Rookie Redhead going SOLO to Cabo...

August 05, 2012 by ktanton

My friend just backed out of our trip so it looks like I am headed to cabo solo...Ready to book my trip now and thinking the RUI Santa Fe has the cheapest rates for rooms...and it sounds like lots of Redheads staying tickets to the BB for me so I guess I will be camping out with the rest of the less fortunate ones including myself that did not score tickets. Heard about a Booze Cruise and a beach party - please let a rookie know the details - when and where and you can count me in...heard about a party across the street from the CWC - thats sounds awesome also - please keep a Rookie Posted cause I want to meet all you crazy Redheads and party like rockstars with you...

So looking forward to this trip - even going by myself - still gonna have a blast!!

PLEASE Keep me posted on all the pre and post party plans..

See you in Cabo..


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Another chance at tickets coming soon...make sure you gte back in the new lotto...I am ticketless myself...but hopefull!!!remember the Universe can do many things...whatever you want tickets on the 13th...put it out there and make sure it happens....anything is possible...

katherine in austin
24 days and counting!!!

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Thanks so much - Just snagged a room at VDP....

24 days and counting!!
Katherine in Austin

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Booked the Booze cruise and beach party - still have not booked the undicided...BUT Let the Cabo party planning begin...30 days and counting...Yoohoo...

Katherine in autin

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Well I am another fellow fan whom also came up empty handed and will be staying at the Santa Fe. Will be there the 10th to the 15th and therefore looking for a ticket of any kind regular or dinner. I can be reached at

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My bad - its for the infor. I think I have almost decided on the Santa Fe..sounds like a great party hotel and the rates are good.

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You better not take George without Tricia...just sayin!

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I am in the SAME-TYPE SITUATION; from MY beginning, SAMMYs'music, whether it be MONTROSE,SOLO,VANHALEN,THE WABOS, CHICKENFOOT,HSAS,, . .some form of his music has ALWAYS intertwined into my life, continuously. But Sammy,after ALL THESE YEARS, OUR BIRTHDAY,TOGETHER AT THE CANTINA,IS SUPPOSE TO STOLL HAPPEN!! I CAN STILL FEEL OT!!! I GUESS I WASNT LUCKY IN THE DRAWING FOR A TICKET, THOUGH! My trip has been paid for months! My passport came two days ago,and the thought of being there,on my/ our birthday, but NOT AT THE CANTINA is weighing heavy on my heart!! I have felt this opportunity eas inevitable at some point in my life! But now,maybe Latherine will let me kick it with her on the beach, or something, I am coming there alone, too! Amd maybe I can persuede someone in th group from the travel agency that I purchased my 'package' from, that will be attending,into taking tour present to you, since I didnt get a ticket. HOPEFULLY, THE UNIVERSE ISNT DONE MAKING ITS MYSTICAL, MAGICAL PLAN, THAT INCLUDES ME IN IT SOMEHOW!! I CAMT EVEN TRY FOR A DINNER SHOW SONCE OIR PLANE WONT ARRIVE UNTIL THE 11th, & the 10th is when they go onsale at thr cantina. BUMMER-DRAG is tje only words in my head right now!! So, . .KATHERINE, would u mind if I came and kicked it with you on the beach, or whatever? My name is MAI. Iwould appreciate it, greatly!! Sammy,I dont know how,when or where, but one day, I will get the opportunity to shake your hand,and tell you how much I respect anf admire you, for All you do, because it serms that anything, and everything you do, os to help others!! Most importantly though, is it all seems to come from your heart and soul!!! It is not "fake",& neither are you, or ever have been. These are just a few reasons why I Respect,& admire you, and your family!! I cant help but wonder how similar our personality characterists that are similar, since we are true- blue Libras- October 13, I have never known of anyone with my exact birtdate!!! Except you!! Mai Tiwater

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Wyndham is the old Tesoro which we did first year in cabo. AWESOME location if you plan to hit CWC every night or stay down town. Anything on Medano beach is nice since its the only "swimmable" beach. Cabo villas is nice roof top bar & a few steps from beach front establishments ie The Office, Mango Deck etc. Villa del Palmar is a bit farther down the beach from town (20 min walk if you take sidewalks) but a lot of redheads will be there. Really just depends on what you want, close to CWC choose downtown more resort beach front then you will be looking just out of town usually $8 cab ride or 20 min walk. HTH.

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Staying at RUI Palace Oct 8-14th

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Hey Katherine, Tried sending an email to your sbcglobal address but it was bounced. I've gone solo the last couple years and had a great time at the RIU Santa Fe. If you have any questions, feel free to use me as a resource at

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Check out Villa del Palmar. There will be a huge amount of Redheads there. I hear there is a pretty nice package set up for someone if they don't mind sitting through a timeshare presentation. FDIC!!!

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I booked the Wyndam Resort. I is right on the waterfront (the marina) and only like 4 blocks or so from the Cantina. I got it for less than $100 a night. It is even cheaper if booked thru a airline package (United/American/etc)...