ChickenFoot in Corpus

July 21, 2010 by ktanton
I have been a Sammy Hagar fan my entire life - stemming all the way back to the Montrose days but NOW Chickenfoot has come about and it is on again... The talent in this band combined is unreal...My passion for Sammy's music and his projects which I have followed over the years has all returned... New to this site - did not know it existed...Had front row in Corpus (have fantastic pictures but can't seem to post them on the site- not sure why - help if you can.. I could use some site tech support) Sammy at the Woodlands with Aerosmith - Aerosmith was my first concert/ met my first boyfriend - I think it was 1975-1976 - I am soooo there - 2 weeks Aug. 5th - Yeepee - And planning the Cabo trip this year (cant wait to see if I sleep on the street or can get a ticket some how on here in advance..anxiously awaiting Sammy's I know I am a "true" Redhead baby... Hoping I get to.. some how - some way... have a shot of Tequila with the "Man"...It's on my bucket list - A girl can dream can't she..:o)) Katherine Austin, TX
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