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July 01, 2010 by krlindbeck

I was first introduced to Sammy with the "I can't drive" Video and Song - being 13 I bought this album on vinal. Played like it crazy. Then 5150 came out and I was not impressed then in 1985. Then the untitled ablum came out. I bought a cut out demo verson of it at a record store sidewalk sale. Again I polayed it like crazy. OU812 was released and I was not a big fan of that either.

Now jump ahead to 1991. I was in the US Army at Fort Leonardwood MO. I had just gotten to base and had heard Poundcake on the radio a few times. I loved that intro with the power drill. As soon as I got settled on base, I ran to the PX to buy a walkman and some music for it - Mind you CD walkmans where not very popular and very expensive then. So I bought For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge - Played that tape over and over and over - I loved and knew every song on that tape by heart. I later bought the CD as I was replacing my Cassette Tape collection with CD's.

I first time saw the RR was at Alpine Valley WI - It was the famous Sam & Dave "Heavyweights of Rock" (2002) tour. Sammy opened and he should have closed! David was terrible. I was not much of a redhead til that day. After seeing Sammy Live I became a huge fan.

3 long years later I made it to Cabo San Lucas Baja Surf Mexico. I was on a Carnival Cruise and this was our 3rd & last stop before coming home - as well as the shortest stop. It was February and I was a rainy day. We had only one goal this day - the Cabo Wabo Cantina - the only reason I was on the cruise. We got there at 10am and left at 2pm. By noon I was drunk off my behind and on stage dancing (no band was there - Just a DJ) I had a blast and made a vow to return to Sammy's Birthday Bash.

About a month later, the person I went on the cruise with contacted me and asked if wanted to go to Cabo that Oct. I explained that I could not afford 2 trips in one year. My friend explained that i needed not to worry about costs cause it was a business trip! so I was all ears. Sure enough 7 months later I was in Cabo cost free - the plane tickets where paid for by the company my friend worked for, but the business trip meeting was canciled - so we used the tickets and stayed 2 blocks from the cantina - we got there and of course i was drinking from the time the plane touched down in Los Cabos til i passed out at midnight.
I got up at 4 am the next day and got in line for the Sammy show later that evening. Got my tickets - man what a rush! When I got to the show even better - I had a lot of Crown Royal in me and was now drinking Modello and Cabo. Sammy came out and rocked - he was playing a few songs from the upcoming album "living it up" and Vinny from Pantera came out at the end and played drums on Heavy Metal - Man that was Kick Ass!

The next time I saw RR was in Milwaukee WI at the Marcus Amphitheater at the Summerfest Grounds. The was the Livin it Up tour. I took my wife and step daughter - both first timers. What a great show. The 2nd half was good too.

The last time I saw the RR was at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee WI. Way too many Waboritas (is that possible?!?!?) but i made it to the stage and had a blast - Front and center. Vic gave me a guitar pick, Mona and Sammy shook my hand.

Still a big fan of the RR, but not so much of the foot. I have a mobile DJ business and the RR or Van Hagar or Montrose is always played every night.

Was going to go to the Fort McCoy show, but my new job prevented that from happening.

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