Saturday night with Sammy by Kristy Fox

July 02, 2014 by kristyf055
Saturday night with Sammy by Kristy Fox
Sammy in his shades by Kristy Fox

It was an overcast day with threats of rain, but that won't deter a Sammy Hagar fan.

He and the band took the stage a few minutes after 8pm. Little White Lies, I Can't Drive 55, Rock Candy and There's Only One Way to Rock were played early in the show. We got to hear some Van Halen tunes - Right Now and Why Can't This be Love. Of course, the crowd loved hearing him sing Bad Motor Scooter. If you're a fan you probably know this was the first song he wrote.

I had a great view of Mona playing her bass guitar; she is amazing to watch. Besides, I dig it that there is a girl in the band.

Mas Tequila, 3 Lock Box, I'll Fall in Love Again, Heavy Metal and other great songs entertained us while we danced in the wet grass at the Downstream Casino outdoor venue. I wish the concert had lasted longer, I hated for the fun to end.

There's Only One Way to Rock, and that's with the Red Rocker.

Kristy Fox
Tulsa, OK

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