Things we'd like to see from Sammy and this site

July 17, 2010 by Krazayguy

I'd like to start a blog where we the fans can let Sammy know some of the things we'd like to see from him and from this site, in one concise location. We many never get any of them, but at least we will have asked! Peace!

Things I'd like to see from Sammy:
1. An acoustic CD. I have seen / heard Sammy do some awesome solos with an amplified acoustic guitar: Give to Live, When Eagles Fly, etc... would love to see a compiled album, whether it's live or studio.

2. Love to see a tour of the acoustic CD.

3. Love to see this site sell CD's, DVD's and merchandise.

4. I'd love for a special member's only section where we could learn about when Sammy will be performing in his bar, maybe birthday bash tickets, etc...

5. I want to know his secret... to think that his first album came out in 1973, and he was in bands before that, the man has to be about 60 yrs old (sorry if that's too old Sammy, not trying to insult, trying to compliment!) You put on a great show this past week in Lansing, MI and I was just so amazed.

Peace out all!

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302_Boss_Chick's picture

I'll second that motion...

BTW Sammy will be 63 this year if you can believe it!!! I know I can't!!