The Summer Ran Red

October 26, 2010 by Krakensole

As I put the final touches on my Summer Ran Red I have to say it was the best in a long time. I was lucky enough to see Sammy 3 times(Taste of MN, Tahoe, Cabo 10-13). I got the chance to visit 3 Cabo Wabo Cantinas(Vegas, Tahoe, Cabo. I even had my 3rd trip to Cabo. I suppose it was also a Summer of 3s.

The part is I got to meet a couple real cool Redheads along the way. JT from Vegas is the man and had a blast with The Deej in Cabo. Since you all are such killer peeps I hope you will enjoy this as much as I enjoyed it… I recorded the following songs while at the show on 10-13:

Shaka Doobie
Three Lock Box
Your Love is Driving Me Crazy
Marching to Mars
Right Now
Everybody Must Get Stoned
Ain’t Talking Bout Love
You Really Got me

I just got done linking all the recordings to the show on the events page(
You can also see everything on my YouTube( page if you want. Enjoy Red Heads!!

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 2  Redhead Comments

302_Boss_Chick's picture

Ah yes, the Summer of Sammy, it was nice wasn't it? Maybe we should dub the upcoming season "Winter of Wabo" so those of us in the cold climates won't think it SUCKS so bad. LOL!!!

5150Mike's picture

My year ran red too, I also have been to vegas, Tahoe and cabo in the last year and a couple of other shows squeezed in. Every trip or show just leaves me wanting more.