I want my Cabo Wabo gear!!

March 03, 2011 by Krakensole

Can someone help me understand why there isn't a Cabo Wabo Online store of some sort? There has to be a solid reason, right?

I guess the reason I ask is this. I have been to Tahoe, Cabo and Vegas and I have seen the gear they have, but I don't always have to scratch to buy everything I want when I am there. Sure I am going to buy a couple items, shirt, shot glasses, etc, but I would like the chance to buy stuff when I am not in Caboville

If there are any admins listening?? Let me know


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Thanks a bunch to both answer peeps!!

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If your in need of Cabo Wabo items you can go to vanhalenstore.com. Not advertising this as I would rather go to a redrocker site to buy Cabo stuff. But they do have alot of Cabo and Sammy items. 24365 GT

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According to the Feb 18 blog posted by Sammy, there is an online store coming sometime here in March. I too can't wait to add some new Cabo Wabo and RedRocker merchandise to my collection. The link to the blog is posted on the home page.