Help me win Red Army!

November 01, 2010 by Krakensole
Help me win Red Army!

I entered a picture contest this month with a picture I took last time I was in Cabo. I was hoping I could get some of the Red Army voting for me. You can vote every day(don't expect that though.)

Help me win! If you do vote be sure to leave a comment so I know who to thank!

Cheers and here is the link

Release the Kraken!

PS - I am in 2nd place right now with 10 votes

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 11 Redhead Comments

freeeagle50's picture

Voted I hope this helps...

patrickv005's picture

Wow the tree is at 320 votes now. I've voted about 5 times. Kraken, post a new blog to bump this up to the top of the heap. Maybe that will help.

Michiganmike's picture

make that 67 .... and counting

MichiganMike wishin' he was back
in CABO .... predicting snow Thursday

themay_or's picture

Just voted. Up to 63. What are people thinking with a bench and a tree when there is Cabo. When does the voting end? Good luck and the Redheads will keep voting for you.

RIRedrocker's picture

Voted again...up to 33. Who keeps voting for that stupid bench picture?? GRRR!!! We're trying!!

Michiganmike's picture

up to 28 votes ...
I'll vote as often as I can
good luck !!!

we had frost this morning ,
I love CABO and it's weather

MichiganMike n Carla

bobb034's picture

18 now. Great pic!

bradr014's picture

You have my vote , 17 now.

RIRedrocker's picture

You got my vote! Your up to 16 now!! Good luck!!!


Krakensole's picture

I am losing to a picture of a tree and a bench... Well at least I am beating the picture of a rock wall

patrickv005's picture

Nice pic. You're up to 12 now.