STL Concert

March 21, 2015 by KLRed

Any news on St Louis concert? presale password?

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timl075's picture

7th Row Center ........cant wait !
Rock on Redheads!

maryg076's picture

Kept trying and got 10th row right. I'm happy and looking forward to it! :-)

kellyr063's picture

Managed to get 13th on the left. Thought I would get a bit better than that but their website had some technical difficulties at first. Still good seats though. Redhead worked on LiveNation for me.

stl bogus otis's picture

REDHEAD worked for me also. Got 10th row center and can't wait for the show!!

maryg076's picture

What site did you use Redhead on? I tried Live Nation, but it says to call....

kellyr063's picture

I guessed REDHEAD and it worked.

mbeeson2002's picture

am I missing something Still no code or date up for STL

stl bogus otis's picture

WTF! 6 minutes to go and no presale password?

kellyr063's picture

we are still waiting. I was told it would be on here this morning but still nothing.

maryg076's picture

Is presale for fan club today?? Password please!!! Looking forward to it!!!!! :-)

kellyr063's picture

I know...still waiting...

timl075's picture

Nothing as of 8:00 AM, CDT
Still waiting ......LOL

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looking forward to it!

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Does anyone have an update on the presale code as of this morning? Where on the page would you expect the code to be posted? Thank you.

rstoltma's picture

Does anyone have an update as of this morning? Where on the page would you expect the presale code to be posted?
Thank you.

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Looking for the presale password too! I believe tickets go on sale today - right??

markh069's picture

been looking myself nothing like the last minute thing lol

sauzadiablo's picture

6:10pm 3/24/15,nothing yet.Guess we'll just have to wing it tomorrow.

kellyr063's picture

I messaged Sammy's FB page and here is the reply that I got...Hi Kelly, we will be posting the event on tomorrow and giving out the presale code for the ticket page. Please stay tuned!!

iwishiwasincabo's picture

I've heard BEACH mentioned somewhere. May want to try that one as well

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I heard the commercial for the presale Friday at 10am on K-She with a password of KShe. Not sure if that's what you're looking for.

kellyr063's picture

I was thinking that may be it because I know we have used that in the past. If I don't see anything else before tomorrow morning I will give it a shot. Thanks.

onemorshow's picture

Try using "REDHEAD". That is what they use all the time.

kellyr063's picture

I am looking for the password as well. Any luck yet? I noticed that the concert isn't even added. I sent a message to Sammy's FB page hoping someone will answer.

lkfrerker's picture

I've also been keeping watch on Sammy's website and my email, they haven't even added St. Louis to the list of dates/stops for the tour.

sauzadiablo's picture

Waiting for password also.

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Same here looking for presale password..? Can't wait to see Sammy!!

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ticketmaster says fan club presale, so anyone got the scoop

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I just jointed the Redrockers and am excited about the concert in STL. Have never used the presale passwords. How does the process work? Can't wait to order my tickets!

Betharon's picture

I WILL BE THERE!!!! Been waiting for this announcement