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May 15, 2013 by King Tut

I see that there are Fan club Pre-sales for some of the upcoming shows. So which Fan club are they referring to? 1013, Chickenfoot ???

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What is the password for the RedHead store ?

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I can’t seem to find the pre sale code. Can someone help me out?

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presales for July 11th

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I havent received any of my CD's from the club when i purchased my tickets ?? Gary Noble

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So happy to be a member!

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Sammy Hagar in NH

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How do I get the presale code for the tickets? It isn't showing up.

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what is the fan club code to get presale tickets?

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I'm hoping for Sammy and the Circle

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Where do I find the code for early ticket sakes?

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Hiya -- we are posting presale links and codes on each tour date page here on so just view details on the show you are interested in and it will be there!