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February 28, 2012 by kima097

Does anyone have any hotel recommendations within walking distance to The House of Blues, Atlanic City?

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Thanks for the info! I better get busy and book a hotel!

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If your going to be stayin on the boardwalk, all the hotels are in walking distance. Taj Mahal and Resorts are the closest, Ballys and Ceasares are about 15 minute stroll away. Ballys is also across the boardwalk from Sammy Beach Bar. Ill be staying at the Tropicana. Its on the other end of the boardwalk, but we like the hotel. If your gonna book a room for friday and/or saturday night better do it soon. Weekends sell out fast, especially in the spring/summer. Im going to see VH in a few weeks, on the 23rd of march, and the trop is all ready sold out that weekend. Booked my room weeks ago. Also plan on paying a premium for the weekend. 250-300 for friday and 350-400 for saturday. Ill be there for Chickenfoot too. Hopefully Sammy will come back with the Wabos like last summer. Ill be there for that too!!