Bash tickets

August 02, 2010 by kevin

Thanks to Sammy and the Redrocker staff for letting me enjoy a little more of Cabo this year and worrying less about my tickets. Got all 4 shows today with little problems. The system was'nt perfect, and it was'nt cheep, but it worked for me and it feels good going down this year set in stone for all nights. Feels like the first time again. Sorry to those who did'nt get in online but there is still the dinner tickets and sammy always does something extra for his fans, whether it be a few more tickets or more shows. Mikey is always good for a surprise gig on off nights. There will always be upset people no matter what system they use but im hearing alot of positive feedback. If i didnt get my tickets i would be mad as hell and cussing this system but as it turns out after getting over the money aspect this system works great. I was working 2 computers w/ 2 accounts for backup and only needed 1. The only way to please everyone is to build a stadium in Cabo or clone Sammy, and the Wabos, and the Cantina, to everyones home town, not likely. Great job Sammy and staff for the guts and consideration to try something truly new after all the years of suggestions and complaints. Whatever the system is i will remember that SAMMY ROCKS FOR ALL OF US and not the almighty dollar.

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