Looking for Permisson

January 11, 2018 by Kev

I was wondering if Sammy had a ear on this forum. I was just wondering if I could get permission to use his music in my gaming videos that I am trying to learn to do and a gaming server that I run. Everything is for enjoyment only. Not for profit. Even the server is donated.
I also wanted to thank him for signing my guitar & CD & I cant drive 55 toy car. I also hope he enjoyed the toy car we gave him as much as I was told. That was on his Mas Tequila tour in my home town. I could ask the person who got these items signed, but I do not want to bother him for this request. I am told he talks to Sammy on occasions.
I have been a Sammy fan when I saw him while stationed in Anchorage AK, I believe in 1983. Best performance I have ever seen.
Thanks for the years of enjoyment!
Proud USAF Vet.

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