Birthday Bash Ticket Staff & Sammy - Do these 13 fans a favor!

September 16, 2015 by kencobra
Birthday Bash Ticket Staff & Sammy - Do these 13 fans a favor!

Despite bad conditions including limited hotels, restaurants, bars and stores there were a few dedicated Red Heads that made the trip down to Cabo after the hurricane hit to help the people of Cabo. I have to say it was a surreal experience as I have never seen Cabo look like a ghost town. Some of this group brought and handed out clothes and shoes to the ones in need while all of us helped the local business's that were back open by dining, drinking and shopping in the local establishments. This picture was taken the night of Oct 13th 2014 at the Cabo Wabo where we raised a toast to Sammy. There were only 13 of us and we did not all know each other but we still celebrated. I only knew Clay Merritt who I traveled there with and Brando who we met at the Mar but I am sure we all could not only vouch for each other that we were not only there but the only ones that night. I am sure we all could show proof that we were there ( airline ticket , hotel reservation....). How about doing us a favor and giving these 13 fans a ticket into one of the shows. Think about it and say yes!

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Kencobra, i know mamy in this group photo . most have been going down for years and volunteer EVERY year.they do it because they LOVE the people and town of Cabo. and have made many friends thru the years who live there. we are the REDHEAD FAMILY and if a member of our family is in need of help, we do whatever we can to help.and NEVER expect anything in return.