Birthday Bash condo available

September 07, 2012 by kenc016

I have a full furnished condo at the Pueblo Bonito Blanco Oct 8-15 that sleeps 6 that is ON THE BEACH! $800 covers my cost. I also have some different dates & resort options that I might be able to trade in to that would start at $650. I have the rooms booked but unfortunately not going to be able to make the bash. Let me know if I can help someone out. Rock on, Ken

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Ken - just sent you an email - let me know what you have avialable the 6th - 14th.


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Damn it! I booked a couple weeks ago in the same place for almost twice that! Good luck, you shouldn't have a problem at that price. I'll even ask a few of my friends if they are interested for the trip.