Birthday Bash Tickets

September 05, 2010 by keefes

How do I get tickets for the birthday bash in October????I will be there all week.

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Yup, that's correct! 50 people at three sittings each equals 150! The first sitting will get in the club first, but that might change this year, who knows! The second set won't make it in until well after the doors open out front! For those of you thinking Dinner Shows, get in line well before the Noon Sale Date! I would recommend at least two days before!! Last year it was a day & a half, & there was no pre-sale of tickets like this year!! If the line goes beyond the first corner don't waste your time...the Dinner Shows will be sold out!!
Doug aka "CWG"

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You can get in line to by dinner tickets. I think the dinner tickets for the 10/13 show go on sale sunday 10/10 at noon. there are only 150 tickets so I'm sure the line will start to form way before that. Good luck!

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Scroll down for procedure on how to get dinner tix for the 11th and the 13th. But the regular tix for all 4 shows sold out when they were placed on sale back on 8/2.