Who is Ready To Party

September 30, 2017 by kcrules69
Who is Ready To Party
Cabo Wabo

We are in the home stretch REDHEADS. A week to go, any non winners or winners of tickets to the Birthday Bash lets party. Who is up for a Cabo Crawl. I was thinking Saturday October 7, 2017, start at the Cabo Wabo around 7pm and move on from there, any Ideas are welcome. Also if your NFL team is playing on Sunday most football starts around 11am, early games means back to the pool quicker, Several places around downtown Cabo that have all the games. Whos in.. Lets get some ideas and make it happen. Have a Great week of Fun. Mas Tequila..

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The Plevaks's picture

Heading down from Dallas the morning of the 14th!! No tickets, but hoping to get close to the party anyway!!! Does anyone know if there will be opportunities to get tix at the door?

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Heading down tomorrow for 2 weeks! YAY! Mas Tequila is now substituted with Mas Mezquila per Sammy's request! :) Rally the Redheads, good job! I'll be doing airport runs on the 7th but will like end up back at the Cantina that night. Have a blast all! Cheers!