Red Till I'M Dead

December 05, 2017 by kcrules69

First review of the movie. The movie was fantastic, I saw some people I met while I was in Cabo on the big screen including Brett Michaels of St Louis. The songs were great, I liked the new song with Run DMC Darrell Mc Daniels, there was a good crowd turn out here in Albany, NY. for the movie. I hope it comes out on video for all the fans to see. Just to say one other thing there was so much going on at the bash this year and all the partying around town that you could not possibly get it all into the movie. Sammy keep it up.


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Ha Ha at Brett Michaels! I talked with him a while in line outside. Got my picture with him and then he showed me a picture of him and the real Brett Michaels together. Funny. Good times. I watched the movie as well. I enjoyed the off stage interviews the most since I had already watched the concerts. Sammy's talk about chasing your dreams and then living your dreams was awesome. He's an inspiring individual.