Non Bash Winners-"PARTY"

July 23, 2017 by kcrules69

For all us who did not get Ticket's for the Birthday Bash and you are still coming to Cabo, we can have our own "PARTY" at the Cantina or anywhere else around town. If anyone is interested we can have it 10/7,10/8,10/10 or 10/12/2017 the off days or even on show nights. Give your input, lets make it happen in Cabo..

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I'm headed to Cabo alone have ticket for the 4th excited. Keep me posted on the parties.

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Keep us posted on the party!

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Thank you for the info we scored a suite at the Marina Fiesta. We will be looking for all the REDHEADS down in Cabo...CANNOT WAIT! We are attending his last show before Cabo in St. Louis Sept30.. 11th row center stage ....ROCK ON ALL

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We wilL do that we got a jr suite at the Marina Fiesta so we are set up. Cannot wait to see all to see all the REDHEADS. Staying from the 7th to the 15th. SO ROCK ON REDHEADS

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I'm in, always up for a good party! Stayin at Tesoro from 8-19, so I can go to all the parties! ;)

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Love the idea of a party, you should get the remaining Wabos to play, Mona and David! Bring back the Wabos!

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Didn't get tickets but my wife and I will be in Cabo celebrating my 50th !
This is our first time in Cabo so we would love to party it up and have a great time
keep us posted on whatever you redheads have planned !!!

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coming in from Ottawa Canada the 10th-15th, would love to hang out

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We would love to party with the Redheads..we had 5 of us in the drawing and none were definitely ready to get together with others. We have a big party down for a wedding so bring it on, see you all there. We get in on the 10th. Keep us all posted. FDIC 2017

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Yo Mike Armstrong, the Mar de Cortez hotel is sold out except for one room in the back from the 9th to the 11th. The Marde is sold out, just like old times. As for a party, The jungle is the place for best music in town. Don't miss Los Leones, 3 brothers that jam like no other... Google, Jair Rivas, the guitar player. At one time he was in house band at Cabo Wabo. Los Leones is the band that years ago redheads would go see upstairs at the old Casa de Villa. Make sure and stop by the Marde and have a beer. Can't miss the Texas Tech room by the pool.

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This StlRedhead is ready to party in Cabo and meet all of you other crazy Redheads! 10/10 works best for me. Any place is fine (since it's all new to me - LOL). I'll keep an eye here and C U N CABO!!!!

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Love the idea of hanging together. Just not sure I can go and have fun knowing I didn't get in. We are at the Marina Fiesta. Never been to Cabo myself but husband has. If I can't purchase leftover tickets might just bail.

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Darn, darn, darn ... no email for my sister or I either. We will be looking to party as well. Been to Cabo many times, just not during Sammy's Birthday Party Week. We will be heading to the Cantina on Friday and Saturday nights ... guess we will be hanging at the Jungle Bar!!! Hope you all have a great party week!!!

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Didn't get tickets and looking forward to all the redheads taking over Cabo. My wife and I in for any non ticket parties

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For Mike Armstrong...

Close to cantina with a great pool, tons of redheads but Ok rooms stay at the Marde Cortez if they still have rooms available

Nicer place, perfect location, great pool stay at Tesoro. Rooms are much nicer but you will pay more. Great breakfast buffet!

An awesome place to stay, walking distance during the daytime (never at night), awesome pool, no swimming beach but beautiful rooms and great service Playa Grande. I've been staying here since 2009. I usually purchase weeks from timeshare friends who can't go or have extra weeks. Never got into the time share crap myself.

Good luck and great job on scoring tickets. Been going off & on since 2002 and have never been selected since the lottery began but still go to several shows thanks to other awesome friends / Redheads.

See you in Cabo!

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Keep your input coming Red Heads including the best night to have the Non Winners Bash. There are many great bars in Cabo and a lot of Fun to be had. Mas Tequila...

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will be looking for a party - have no tix yet :(

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sounds like a great idea ,will be down on the 10th and leave on the 14th , keep posted Thanks

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never bend to Cabo you mentioned Tesoro, looks like close to cantina. Is it walking distance to the beach. Rooms nice??

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What are your needs/wants for a place? The main needed answers to assist you are:
Do you want All Inclusive
How close to Cabo Wabo/Marina
How much a night
Swimable beach

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So where is the place to stay? First time selected finally

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I did get tix for the 13th show but would love to still party with a bunch of redheads one of the nights

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No tix yet, first time coming down...been trying to get there for 10 years. Coming with 2 friends....sounds like FUN!

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I like the idea. I dont get there until 10/8. Would be great to have it somewhere with a decent band if we are not fortunate with tix to the bash.

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So where is the place to stay? First time selected finally

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we are headed down there to is that a nice place to stay... First time to Cabo longtime redhead

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Sooo disappointed that we did not get drawn. Wanted to celebrate my birthday too!! wish they would change the process so everyone would have a much better chance at tickets instead of some getting more than one night!!! Already booked our timeshare for that week. I think it's an awesome idea to have party for those of us that didn't get tickets!! Count us IN!

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My wife and I are at tesoro also and you can count us in too!

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sounds like a great idea Ill be there

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We're staying at the Tesoro and always looking for a party!

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We are well on our way to making this happen..

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Count my wife and I in! We have never been to Cabo and would love to party with other Red Heads!

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I'm in. I think there are 6 of us. I'm always up for a Cabo Party or two.