September 17, 2019 by kcrules69

Is anyone having problems getting your tickets for the Hight Tides Beach Party, I called customer service at Frontgate tickets and they have no clue as is when tickets are being sent. I bought the tickets in July.

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This sucks-I’m flying down from seattle to this show-airfare, hotel, car rental all booked-Sammy -need to make this right-it’s great your doing free shows in Cabo, but I can’t afford Cabo-this is no good. Been a redhead all my life, disappointed.

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Frontgate tickets does not even send you an email about the cancelation or about your refund, they just stonewalled all the way. I would be wary of Frontgate going forward.it stinks.. No Cabo Tickets and now this..

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I finally got somebody on the phone at Frontgate. She was very nice and professional. I simply gave her my order number and said I would get a refund in 7 to 10 business days. Luckily I was able to cancel my hotel without losing money there. Hope all the fans get their money back. Shocked how this could happen with only a week before the show. You'd think permits and all that other stuff would've been handled a long time ago. I'm not as upset about the show being cancelled as my wife. She's a huge fan, has seen Sammy many, many times and we bought all his rum and tequila!

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If you used Front Gate to get your tickets like I did, you might be screwed. They're saying all sales are final. Even if event is cancelled, they issue no refunds!!

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No bueno. No event. Cancelled. No fault of Sammy. I'm sure he is as heartbroken as us all.