Birthday Bash Only 3 Nights

June 05, 2018 by kcrules69

Only 3 nights this year for the Birthday bash.. Is Sammy slowing down..
Sammy looks like he is having fun doing other things than just touring.. The years are flying by See him when you can..

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Sammy is putting together a festival in Cali called High Tide which will have him performing as part of it. The date is likely to be October 6th which is right before he leaves for Cabo. You can look at this to be the show replacing the usual show date of the 7th in Cabo.

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That was my 1st thought last night too when I received the email and saw only 3 nights. I think 4 shows in the week is just too much on him. He's still kickin ass though for almost 71! An inspiration to say the least. We are heading to Cabo this year again. Finally got there couple years back for the 25th Anniversary Bash. Good times!
Rock on my brother!