Birthday Bash Any Yet

July 01, 2019 by kcrules69

Any one get Tickets yet to The Bash?

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First time registering and scored tickets for the first show. So excited! Can't believe I got them on my first try. Sorry to those of you who didn't. Not rubbing it in, just really stoked! Does anyone have any advice for a first timer? Would appreciate any advice per will call line up time ect. Thanks so much! Red Till I'm Dead!!

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I didn't get notified that I did or did not get tickets. My buddy was notified that he did not on July 1st. Too bad there isn't a list somewhere we could see who did get tickets.

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Thanks! I sent them a note. Mucho Gracias!!

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Sorry Bud, the Wife is Going

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Your best route would be to email's picture

still haven't received anything, will we get something either way saying we got them or didn't get them?

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Who can I contact to find out if I won tickets? I think I accidentally deleted the email....

thanks in advance!


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Do you need a plus one (guest)? If so message me let's work out something.

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Scored all three nights, again. I owe it all to God and clean living. Will be in the same spot as the last seven years drinking my ice water and downing Cliff bars. Not sans ear plugs. God bless.

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I haven't heard anything yet. I'm anxiously awaiting. Hoping like hell. Good luck to everyone.

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Got the good news today at 5:00
won tix to 10/11

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Have ppl been chosen.

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Yes for night 3, but I can’t locate my code

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I scored night 3 tickets, but I can’t find my code

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Haven’t heard anything. Didn’t know if that meant haven’t let winners know yet or that I wasn’t chosen. Hope that’s not the case. This is the only time I’ll be able to go to Cabo to even try for tickets and I wanted to see the show so bad. (As well as everyone else I know)

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Have the winners been notified??

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Ticket being drawn now, some winners..

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8:45pm Nothing Yet.. You can feel the tension building

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Nothing, Nada as of yet! Dang it! MAS TEQUILA!!

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If you look at the registration page it show July 1st..

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Haven't seen anything yet. Even though this site says emails will go out today, my brother thought that he had seen something awhile back where winners would be notified on July 2nd. Keeping fingers crossed.

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Waiting patiently to hear (semi patiently :) )

Fingers crossed!!