Full Disclosure:'79 SummerJam,'87 MonstersofRock in Arrowhead:

April 05, 2011 by kc acid test w ...

In 1979, I made a black guy give Sammy some acid;in Arrowhead. In 1987 I walked up to Sammy and said "I made sure in '79 that well?!". Sammy replied "Well what?"."Oh, you ate one too(OU812)" I chimed. Sammy laughed an uproar. Before Sammy came onstage with Van Halen that day. The amplifiers were junking out.However, the upper levels threw all their trash in the air over the football field. ARROWHEAD in Kansas City had a roof made up of red and white coke cups; the blue sky was gone and a temporary ceiling of crud filled the air. The same thing happened that day in '79, when Sammy opened for Nugent in ARROWHEAD. Sitting by myself at the time everybody else went to get shirts,I tried to burn one. Two brown jackets jumped me I punched one.He flew back a row;I busted the second upside his head. He flew a couple of rows back. I ran to the shelter of the mass of people down on the field. The brown jackets caught up to me anyway. I beat 'em up again. However, some idiot security guard ran up from down in front of the stage and dove off it into and over the crowd.I yelled "SCATTER" and cupped some poor girls ass and tossed her over into the second row.She was pissed. I said "There wasn't time" and turned dodging the idiot as I sliced and diced him.He landed face down on the concrete.He would have crushed that girl.They started showing the fight on the Jumbotron.Sammy told them he'd start a riot if they bothered me again.I sang "Two Sides of Love".Sammy knew it was me.We sang "Beat It",together but I laughed at Eddie first. Sammy had wanted to sing it he just wouldn't do it alone. I had punched a hole in the security wall, cause I had kicked the IDIOT back over it. He had gotten up and was choking another guard so I punched through it and dropped him.I had two troopers drag him off.The IDIOT tried to sue the guard he choked for brain damage caused.I told the guard to show the judge the film of the IDIOT stage diving on top of the girl.The judge watched and knew I saved her life and dismissed the case.

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