Cabo Waco Birthday Bash

May 10, 2017 by Kathyvera

When will the dates be released for his birthday bash in Cabo for October 2017? I need to get my hotel & airfare booked.

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We just booked our first trip to Cabo to see the bash. I had won tickets a couple of years ago but couldn't make it out there. Who do i have to pay off to get a couple of tickets preferably for the 13th? I have seen him 17 times and i am seeing him again on June 3rd and again in September.

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In a recent interview, Sammy said the bash would be Oct.12-14th
and it would be out doors at a new venue that could hold up to 20,000 people, he also said do not hold him to the dates. I think having the bash at the Cabo Wabo is more personal..

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We have been booked for awhile now, looks like dates may change a little this year, but you will definitely be safe if you book the 7th-15th. Rumour is the shows this year may be 12-14th, but even if this is not the case, your still covered for the usual 7,9,11,13 shows.