Any news yet?? Has ANYONE received an email yet? Can't wait to celebrate Sammy's 70th!!!

July 22, 2017 by kathrynj1013

Please post a reply if you received an email for birthday bash tickets

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Thanks for posting the link. That helped this tx guy and likely several others. Still no tix. :(

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No bad days in Cabo...
That's so true...
Attended the birthday bash 7-10 times (can't exactly remember - damn Tequila!) prior to the ticket raffle and it was always a blast.
Now with the raffle I have yet to win a set of tickets. Bizzare
Anyways, Cabo is a fun - tickets or no tickets.
See ya all down there!

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15 yrs going to Cabo for the birthday bash.
Used to sleep outside and have fun waiting for tix in the am.
Wish they'd go back to that way.
Impossible to get tix since this lottery deal began.
No tix again this year.

Ah well...
Tecate's and Tequila on the street again.

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No Bad Days in Cabo! With or without tickets, Sammy is in town and so are us #redheads

There is a big screen outside the Cantina that shows the concert inside. Many years I have stood outside and watched the show from the outside of the Cantina.

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We have tickets for night 4, beyond excited.

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Night 3 also. Thank you RedRocker gods....

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Just go to "news" and enter your email in the link.
It will state if you got chosen for tickets.
Now I wait for the second draw in hopes to get picked then

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Night #3, email came at 3:10pm ET.

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The Lottery sucks & has to go! Sammy listen to your fans! END IT!!

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I have heard that you can camp out on the sidewalk at the Cantina for a few days in hopes of scoring some left over tickets that aren't purchased by the drawing winners. I will pass on that and just enjoy my time there and try not to be too bummed out that we don't get to see Sammy in Cabo once again.

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CRUSHED!! :( Booked our hotel over a year ago and was not picked. Any other way to get tickets??

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BTW, the email was from Red Rocker Touring this year, not Ticketfly.

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Check this link it will tell you if you won or not, we didn't win again. Very bummed

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I'm in the same email. I don't know how the 2nd chance sale works, or when it will be - if anyone has details please let us know.

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Is it sad & pathetic that I am still hopeful?? Not many posted that they were notified, so I'm keeping positive thoughts about the 2nd chance sale.

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You can check if you won at I didn't :-(
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Another year and no email!! Since this is the fairest way. We should tell Ticketmaster this is the way they should go about selling there tickets! Just register your email and we will let you know if we pick you, to the show you want to go to. It's the fairest!! Fucking Joke!!

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I got my email for Night 2. Excited! Anyone else get an email?

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So just checked the link and no go. Hopefully all of the people who are not going to be in Cabo but were selected to be able to purchase tickets will not purchase them so those of us who will be there will get a chance to purchase tickets when they go up for sale to the public. I will cross my fingers for that. Does anyone know if the 2nd chance sale is limited to just 2 tickets?

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If ANYONE has an extra single ticket, I would love to be your guest...I'll pay for both tickets and drinks for the night....need the 11th or 13th. Email go for free, and help out a once in a lifetime time dreamer!!

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I won night 4! Got the email at 3:13 pm Pacific Time. Yesterday and today I was checking at least every 15 minutes. Finally quit a couple of hours ago. Checked at 3:00 and had nothing. Just checked at 4:15 and got it. Good luck to everyone else. I was wearing my 2012 B-day Bash shirt all day today for luck. :-)

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It's not too late is it? It must take a while to send out 3000+ emails?

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I feel very sad because I did not get an email. Oh well, we will be in Cabo anyway and that is my happy place. Congrats to all who were selected!

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YES!!! Birthday night for us!! FYI-I received email at 3:10 Pacific.

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Congratulations!! I'll keep the hope but nothing yet :(

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Congrats guys!!

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omg, congrats!! what time did you get the email??? I'm SO jealous, LOL

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Just got my email. I got Oct 13, see you in Cabo baby!!

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Just got my email for the 1st night! Good luck everyone!!

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Take me! Lol

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I'm booked. My 49th is on 10/8. Praying I get ONE ticket this year. Just one. Please universe!

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I've seen 1 guy say he got tickets on Facebook and that was about 6 hours ago. Every other comment I've seen is "still wondering". I'm all booked, I just want one night or maybe two.

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No email yet but we have plane tickets and a condo booked.