kc needs a fix

January 18, 2014 by karenj044

Sammy what the f--- u afraid of playing kc mo I have been a fan for 30 years shows I've been to day on the green 1977 rock n roll Romeo catch a rideing star Portland Oregon musical chairs album cow palace sf the red album that was s bad ass show lights went down and u came flying down from the top in a red gutair f-----g bad ass you were playing with foghat Santa cruz civc the danger zone tour I saw. U in HSAs in van-halen one of the best shows was at the gourge in George the marching to mars tour part of the show u turned down the lights and laid on your back looking at all the stars and did Kama so unbelievable man it brought tears to my eyes. I got on stage tickets in lk Tahoe and when u came through the crowd on stage u pulled on my beard Ihave been a fan for ur hole rock n roll life I've been married for 25 years to the same woman 2 years ago we moved to kc.mo home of the chiefs witch I sell beer at during football season it's bad ass. So u c ssmmy I'm a true and long time fan and kc need's a red rocker f-----g fix I no u play st Louis all the time but they don't got nothing on kc. So my friend I'm laying down the gauntlet let's have a show down kc vs st Louis and see who f-----g rocks the baddest come on sammy all the red heads out here in kc will blow u away.looking forward to seeing u this summer. Peace
.kevin. Ur number 1 fan from the city by the bay .

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I saw him in Kansas City in Nov of 2000. I know that was some time ago.

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Come to K.C. and I'm there!!!