Sammy in Houston Thursday Night!

August 02, 2010 by K1469

I personally have seen Sammy so many times since the 1983 Concert in Houston when Krokus opened for him that I cant even put a number in my head! I was lucky enough to be able to but front row tickets about 7 times during the Van Hagar era and Sammy shook my hand many times, gave me picks and even let me sing part of Panama during the "Live Right Here Right Now" at the Woodlands! I was able to take my 2 boys to the 2004 reunion show with Van Halen but they were 14 and 10 and now they are 20 and 16 and I feel will enjoy it even more that they have become true fans. I couldnt get great tickets but I was able to scalp some and make sure we could go and I cant wait till Thursday! I was a member of the old site and not sure if my account got lost when I got divorced or what but im glad to be back on!

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