Birthday Bash Lottery

August 01, 2012 by juniesandy

My opinion is I think it was fair.
I don't understand why everyone thinks it was unfair.
Each day had its own lottery.
Why should one person be eliminated from receiving a second show just because they got selected already for a previous drawing?
Not everyone put in for all 4 drawings. If everyone did than yes it would be fair.
It was Your Personal Choice to register for how many drawings you wanted to be in.
I don't think it would be fair for someone who put in for 4 just to be skipped for someone who just put in for 1. Repeat- it is a personal choice due to travel dates, finance or whatever.
It was stated to register for EACH show. Not that is was one big lottery for all shows.

I registered for 4 and got one. I have friends who registered for 3 and got one. I have friends who registered for 2 and got one. And of course I have friends who registered who got none.

Since I did not get all the shows I registered for I now have a second chance to go for dinner show tickets in person when I get to Cabo.

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Spoken like somebody that got a show, and friends that got one too. If you and your friends didnt get one, you would be right behind me.