Sammy Hagar Cabo Wabo Basement Bar

Some of the story behind this bar: Dean created this bar all on his own. All the paintings, everything. He won the Chickenfoot guitar in Lake Tahoe, and he wasn't actually the first number drawn. He was like the third or so. He brought it home and built the bar around it. That is his price possession. My favorite item is the leather jacket that I won. It was a charity raffle and each ticket was $5. I had $10 to my name and bought two tickets the morning of the drawing. I went home and started getting my daughter ready for a homecoming dance and in the middle of curling her hair, the phone rang. It was Favazz from KSHE 95 asking for me. I get to the phone and he proceeds to tell me that I won.I screamed so loud, he said the entire store heard me. But I only had 25 minutes to pick it up or I would have to wait a day. I finished in her hair in 5 minutes and ran every stop light to get to Doc's Harley Davidson which was 30 minutes away. Yes, I got there on time and the jacket fit like a glove. Needless to say, I cried. I wore it out only once because I am to afraid that someone would spill something on it or take it. Since Dean and I got together, we decided to remove all our stuff from boxes and totes, and SEE our collections. Both individually and things we have gotten together. All I can say is, that I love our BAR and even to this day, we enjoy putting new things up. So, for all of you that have your stuff in boxes....get that stuff it off!! Enjoy it!! Remember where you got it from. Dean and I live for "Right Now".....and we absolutely LOVE Sammy.....because after all, he is the reason we are together!!

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