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August 07, 2017 by jstebbins1

Once again we didn't get tickets to the BASH! I'm wheelchair bound and in no condition to camp out on the streets of Cabo. In my younger days no problem! So dinner tickets are not in my future. I'm wondering if anyone knows what website the unpurchased tickets will be sold on?

Congrats to those who won! My wife and I will be there to party with those who didn't score tickets! I'm the one in a wheelchair smiling with a smoking hot wife! We are first timers in Cabo and can't wait to party with the Redheads!!

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Were you able to get tickets in the second round?

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Thank you so much for your post!! I'm not sure why I didn't get the email... I appreciate you spelling it out for me. I'm new to social media. I signed up for instagram and twitter so I wouldn't miss out on anything. If my wife and I score some tickets we will have to meet up so we can buy you dinner and drinks!! We should meet up for drinks anyways because we wouldn't of even had a chance if it wasn't for you! Again, thanks so much!!! See you in CABO!!!

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Email went out today.
Night 1 Show (Oct. 9) on sale Tuesday, August 15th, 10AM PT
Night 2 Show (Oct. 11) on sale Wednesday, August 16th, 10AM PT
Night 3 Show (Oct. 13) on sale Thursday, August 17th, 10AM PT
Night 4 Show (Oct. 14) on sale Friday, August 18th, 10AM PT

Remember, there are only a very limited number of tickets available. Ticket links for each night will be posted on Sammy's Facebook Page the day before each onsale at 5pm PT. (For Example, the ticket link for Night One will be posted on Monday, August 14th at 5pm PT, etc).