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August 18, 2017 by jstebbins1

After 4 days of my heart racing each time I got to choose 2 tickets I'm wiped!! We didn't get any tickets!

I'm glad for the others who did actually get to select tickets! I can imagine how excited they are entering their credit card info while purchasing their tickets knowing they are going to the show! We may have to wait another year to get a chance to get tickets for the Bash, but my whole family is going to Clearwater FL. to Rock with the Red Rocker and the Circle!!!

As first timers in CABO and ticketless for the Bash, does anyone have any must see's or must do's while we are their? Any suggestions or advice from the seasoned Redheads would be appreciated! Thanks!

See you in CABO!!!

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There are some fun Redhead events to go to. The Cerritos Beach trip (Cobra Hunt) I have never been able to get to. I did go to the Redhead Beach party on Medano beach (Fun!)and I signed up for the Jungle Cruise for this year. I have also seen that there is a Cabo Bar Crawl that looks like fun (but doesn't match up with the days that we are there). This is my second trip with no tickets and we met some fun Redheads that showed us a lot of the local spots. You will still have a lot of fun, and probably meet lots of others like you that just want to be there and have fun. Also, hanging out in front of the Cantina during the show is fun. If you have a facebook account search for "Redheads" you can find the pages that alot of us are on and see the activities.

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My wife and I will be in CABO for the first time! You can bet we will be at the Cantina to party with fellow Redheads!! Thanks for the info!! Hope to see you there!!!

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My heart was racing also for 4 days! No luck here but was lucky to get one show in the Lottery! They project the concert on a big screen outside the Cantina! You can come hang out with us Redheads from the outside! PS: the show usually ends around 11pm. They will open doors for all once the show goers leave the building. Hope to see you in Cabo!