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john powers
August 09, 2010
omaha, nebraska
August 31

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Aug 18, 2010
Dear Sam,

I don't know if anyone reads these for you or if you yourself reads them once in a while? If you do, I would love to request a couple of songs for Thursday night in Omaha. Plain Jane and This Planets on Fire. My dream is to one day win the lottery so that I can donate a million bucks to get you to come play a concert for me and my friends. Ha! Dream big baby! What a set list I could come up with!!!! Do you even remember the words to your song, "The Pits?" Well, it's a one way trip on a sinking ship and you can't keep it lit and it sticks to your lip!!!!

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Aug 14, 2010
St. Louis Winner????

Congrats DawnSTL on winning the backstage pass here in Omaha. My sister lives in St. Peters and I used to live in Chesterfield. Hope you have a great trip up from the Lou and welcome to Omaha.

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Aug 14, 2010
Seating Chart

My ticket for Thursday night in Omaha is on the main floor section 10. I can't tell where on the mf that is. It looks like it should be one of the front sections, but I'm not sure???? Anyone know?

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Aug 9, 2010
Life Long Fan

My first Sammy Hagar concert was in 1983!!! It was at the Sacramento State Fair and was by far the greatest live rock n roll show I have ever seen. Summer, Stevie Ray Vaugnn and Y&T were the opening acts, man now that's butter!!

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