Thank you Sammy

April 25, 2011 by JoshBray
Thank you Sammy
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I just wanna say thanks man. Thanks for writing that book. You answered so many questions that I had about you, the biz, and VH.

When 5150 came out I bought that tape and played it til it was wore out and I had to buy a new one. I've since bought the cd.. Twice.

Anyway, I have followed you guys ever since and had many questions.

I started playing guitar actually not long after 5150 as well.. I still play, and not in a band. I haven't played with a band for a long time.. got tired of all that goes with it... I'm talented, but a family man. Thanks to the ipod I can play along with you and all my favorite bands.. and I can play anything. I hear a song on the radio, and whether I have played it or not, I can hear, for example if it's a blues riff in g and just play it. I have all the tunes, I just hit shuffle and jam out.
I love classic rock and hard rock so I play everything.. ACDC, Bad Co, Boston, CCR, LZ, Mellencamp, ZZ, and everything in between.

Ok sorry to talk about that but it all started with you, VH bros and a "Hello Baaaaaaaaybeh!"

I had no idea about the biz, or your background, other than who you've played with back to Montrose.

I wondered from the F.U.C.K album if something was amiss with Eddie.. and at the reunion tour(St Louis)I saw his samurai do and the camo pants..LOL anyway I heard him and saw him and thought, MAN! What is going on.. something is not right.. I am soooo glad you wrote that book and answered a lot of questions. Its such a shame. Really too bad.
You have given me an education on VH and the biz I treasure.

You have really opened my eyes and I owe you a huge debt of thanks Sammy.

Peace bro.
Josh if you want to drop a line

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Thank you Sammy