August 06, 2013 by Joroksu

Im very saddened by the fact that I have wanted to see Sammy perform just one time in Cabo for the past 16years and wasnt selected for tickets to just one show. I couldnt afford this trip, however said to myself If I dont go this year I may never get to. So being broke in order to get a passport, accommodations and flights I thought would be well worth it in order to satisfy a dream of mine. Ive never had good luck and was hoping when I entered for tickets for Sammy's birthday bash that just maybe once luck would be on my side and once again Ive been let down. I know Cabo will be beautiful but it just won't be what I had imagined it to be for all these years. I guess asking for something to work in my favor for just once is too much. Everyone who received tickets, have a blast for me!!IF anyone may have 2 tickets for either the 9th, 11th or 13th they are willing to part with I would LOVE to buy them from you, you name the price :)

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awww... you guys are awesome and I love your positive comments! Fingers crossed we all get in :)

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I could be reading it wrong but from the way I interpret the news post regarding the second chance for this year looks like a drawing.

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my friend there is still hope. its slim but you got to have faith. last year I was in the same boat. was celebrating my 40th(oct 6th) down there with my brother. didnt get the email either was devastated too. they will send you a link to one of the four shows. you will use that link to buy tickets. you need to be VERY fast and have a computer that is fast too. I scored two for the bday bash. was the best weekend of my was so good that i didnt mind not getting that email again this year (0-2). hopefully they will change the way they give out ticks. its still not fair that people get multiple shows, while others get none. hope you score those ticks my friend!!!!

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There's always the second chance drawing!!1 Don't be sad!! We didn't get selected either.... We are waiting patiently for the 2nd chance !!