Cabo Uno Tequila - bottle #3070 SEALED and for sale!

May 29, 2021 by jonathanb034
Cabo Uno Tequila - bottle #3070 SEALED and for sale!
Cabo Uno for sale

Hey there, Redheads!
You all probably know the story behind the majesty of Cabo Uno’s appearance in 2007…and many of you may have even been able to enjoy some! It was a very limited production run, and Sammy sold his interest in the company just a few months after its release. I bought 3 bottles back then, and it was reserved for very special occasions…well worth it!
Now 14 years later I’m making the reluctant decision to sell my one remaining bottle. I have some difficult expenses to handle, and parting with this beautiful bottle might help me do that. I have read a few different articles about what a sealed bottle might be worth, and how difficult it would appear it is for any retail or specialty store to locate one. Another Redhead recently let me know he could only find ONE online shop that had one to sell, and they were asking $2,000! There were only between 5,000-8,000 bottles produced in its single production run, and it seems like they are almost as hard to find as a unicorn wearing a Cabo Wabo t-shirt!
My ask is $1,000 + calculated insured shipping costs to states allowed to receive alcohol deliveries within the US only.
If anyone is seriously interested, feel free to reach out to me here or directly at

Thanks for looking…are we having any fun yet?? Maybe once your bottle arrives!!
~ Jonny

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