Red Head Booze Cruise

November 06, 2012 by johnv071

I bought 2 tickets to the Red Head booze cruise this year and unfortunately was not allowed to go because the cruise was over sold. that was ok because I bought my tickets at the last minute. My issue is that I have not been refunded my $80 yet as Carla stated at the dock. I paid with paypal so it should be easy to refund. Anybody else have this problem? I have emailed the adln email address with no response. Any advice from anybody if i am doing something wrong.

thanks, John

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Thanks for all the advice from everybody as I have been refunded.Next year just need to purchase the tickets much earlier.

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If you have any questions for Carla, you can also reach her at:

She will be happy to help you out.

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Please keep in mind that Carla does all of this work for the ADLN on her own time. She will take care of each and everyone one of your issues, just be patient and remember that any money that was raised went to a good cause.

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Hey John. Same thing happened to me, but she finally sent it back. I told her to keep the Paypal $7 because I didn't want the charity to have to pay it. Just keep emailing her and let her know you will have to file a complaint with Paypal. She will get it to you.