"Go There Once...Be There Twice" - Any Comments Yet?

October 12, 2010 by johnt042

Hi All,

Just curious, I haven't seen any comments about the viewing of "Go There Once...Be There Twice" and am dying to hear about it. Did the first sneak peek go as planned? I'm sure it rocks but was hoping to get some reviews from Redheads.


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Beautiful! Thanks for the review 5150Mike! Can't wait to get the DVD.

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It was great a lot of stuff about how the whole idea of the Cantina was created and how it basically at one point looked like it was not going to happen but Sammy's persistence kept the dream alive. Jorge is interviewed throughout the DVD as well and Marco too. My favorite part was when Sammy and Dustin are driving around Cabo in Sammy's mustang going from one Taco place to another. What can I say buy it when it comes out you won't be sorry.