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August 10, 2016 by joey791

Picked for tickets on Oct. 7th for the birthday bash, what is a good hotel close to Cabo Wabo to stay at? First time going to Mexico and first time in Cabo :D

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We ended up staying at the Fiesta Marina, fell in love with Cabo while I was there..............

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If you want close the

It has a great pool...lot's of Redheads but a no thrill hotel with excellent prices.

The Tesoro (Used to be the Wyndham) is at the marina - very close - timeshares but you can find excellent deals on the web.

We stay at Playa Grande every where. No timeshares for us but we buy a week from someone looking to make a great deal. Walking distance (during the day)...Always cab it at night unless you are staying at the Marde.
Another great inexpensive spot Siesta Suites...great clean and close.

See ya at the cantina

Peace out!

no55brando's picture The Mar De. The greatest hotel in all of Cabo. 100 yards from the Cabo Wabo cantina. Of the 90 rooms there, only a few suites left for the bash. Call Nat in California if you need a room. 831 663 5803 Peace, love and hairgrease, adios, Brando....

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Neither am I !

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Hi Joey - did you find anything yet? I have my time share reserved for the entire week & didn't draw. I still want to go, but am not sure if it's going to work out. I have my rental listed on craigslist (if you want to look at it) for $1400 (NOT all-inclusive) - but I might be willing to consider a lower amount. It's at Villa del Palmar 1BR 2/BA sleeps 4. If you're interested email me

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Correct ! it is not close to the Cabo Wabo but is only a 20 minute bus ride to the Cantina, we pay 50 cents and ride the bus with the locals to town :) its really fun ! you can always grab a shuttle from the hotel and share the fare with fellow redheads for $10 and there are always shuttles parked outside the Cantina all night ready to take you back :) We absolutely LOVE the RIU Santa Fe :) Just sharing the LOVE :)

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I see someone posted about RIU. They are NOT close to the Cabo Wabo. The closest place is Mar De Cortez which is around the corner. It is though a bare bones place. The next closest is The Tesoro which is in the Marina. It is a short walk five minutes at tops. They have rooms with balcony that overlook the Marina.

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congratulations !! We have stayed at the RIU Santa Fe for 6 years, all Inclusive . We fly out of Seattle direct to Cabo RT + 8 nights is $2100 for 2 people, Vinnie Paul stays there also and who ever the extra guests are that are"nt staying at The Hagar Hacienda 5 pools , 5 Restaurants, Alcohol taps in every room and beautiful view directly across from lovers beach from the Infinity pool:) rooms are spotless and Marble with deep jetted tub.

Where are you flying from ?

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i am not having any FUN YET !!!!!