Long Time Listener, First Time Blogger...

April 26, 2012 by j.mo
Long Time Listener, First Time Blogger...
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Hello Sammy! I've been listening since, oh... about 1976 (I was 12). I remember my older brother putting "Rock The Nation" on the record player... it was all over from there! Montrose albums were worn flat from so many plays. As he later collected every solo album you put out, I got to rock out on his dime. A few years later he put on "All Night Long" and proudly said he was at one of the shows recorded. In the middle of "Young Girl Blues" there is an epic wolf-howl from the audience right at the most sensitive moment of a phrase, and I immediately recognized the voice, and the howl, as his. I've always wanted to ask you if YGB was from the Santa Cruz show, but it might shatter my view of the universe if it wasn't.

I didn't get in on the live Sammy experience till the Danger Zone tour at the Santa Cruz Civic 1980-ish, then Standing Hampton (Cow Palace?), Three Lock Box (Cow Palace), HSAS (Warfield), and 5150 (Cow Palace). Sorry I couldn't keep up with the Van Halen years after that... life happened. Anyway, looking forward to breaking the long dry spell tomorrow at the Concert for Ronnie. Serendipity has placed my brother in town and tickets in my hand to take him for his 50th B-Day!

Rock On!


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That was one hell of a wake! The Gamma set certainly sent me back in time, but hearing Sammy, Danny, and Bill play again was a religious experience. Joe may have well been channeling Ronnie all night (hard to tell with Satch... he makes it look easy, doesn't he?).

Everyone involved gave 200% performances. It was an honor to have witnessed it.