sammy's birthday bash

March 08, 2016 by JMFlatinger

looking for info on how to get into the "lottery" to attend birthday bash @ Cabo Wabo Cantina

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Rockin to Sammy always a good time

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Hope we both get in, will be my 10th anniversary and wanna surprise my husband !!!!!

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Thanks for the accessible note. I appreciate it. I have never been to Cabo but I'm determined to make it there this next October! Do you have any other advice for me like where to stay etc....?

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so how exactly does the lottery work?

Thanks for any info

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I know the one year we were picked was the hurricane

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yes, the cantina is accessible. there are two steps up into the venue part of the club. the staff will go above and beyond to help to access that side...

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Nothing officially announced but highly likely October 7th, 9th, 11th, and 13th.

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Have the Birthday Bash dates been announced? I want to book a trip for the week just in case I'm lucky this time around in the lottery. If I'm not lucky enough at least I'll be able to party in style with a bunch of Redheads!! Do you know if the Cantina is wheelchair accessible?

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Info will probably be posted early July on how/when to sign up. Good luck!! I've been shut out every year since they started lottery!!!