More Dates ?

July 13, 2010 by jlpeacock

The taste of MN was the tenth time I've seen Sammy. I hope they can add more dates to the past events log. I am interested in seeing just how many times each Redhead has seen Sammy in MN.
Have fun at Moondance Jam. Represent the MN chapter of the Redheads.


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Taste Of MN

July 04, 2010 by jlpeacock

Got my Sam On, to coin a new phrase. Show was great(as usual).
Got right on the fence Vic's side of the stage. Forgot camera in Bemidji so I hope my wife's phone pictures turn out. Saw a lot of Redheads there and that made it feel at home. Wish they could have played a little longer.
Happy Fourth of July to Sammy, the Wabo's and all the Redheads out there. Be kind to each other.

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Taste of MN

June 29, 2010 by jlpeacock

Any Redheads going to the Taste of MN ?

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