Meeting the Red Rocker!

March 16, 2011 by jkingct

I've been a fan of Sammy's for awhile. I've seen him in concert several times... Solo with the Wabos, and with Van Hagar! I absolutely love his tequila line! I knew when he announced the book signing tour I had to go that was my chance to finally meet the Red Rocker one of my favorite Rock Stars!

I took the day off from work and took the train from CT just to meet him! I had to wait in line for a couple of hours but it was totally worth it! It was a day I will never forget in my life that's for sure! When he arrived he shook hands with some of the people in the front couple of rows. I was lucky enough to shake his hand twice! He said to me "Nice foot shirt brother" as I was wearing a red chickenhead t-shirt!

My turn finally comes to meet him and have him sign my book! I go up to the table talk talk to him. He says "wait til you hear the new stuff it's awesome were gonna call it Chickenhead IV it makes no sense that's why were doing it"

Sammy is so kind and genuine and cares about his fans! He was exactly what I expected when I met him! To add the icing on the cake I went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner!

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