Ticket sales suck!

June 01, 2013 by jjjeepme

Tried buying presale tics, no good tickets and waited for sale day today and no tickets except the last row and no seats for 4! You got to love scalper sites they have had seats for days, we love you Sammy but we can't afford $400 good seat! I'm so pissed waited all week to try for great seats, and was on line at 10 not 1001, what's wrong with this! Red u love Red you should see my Red face from being so ...... Mad! Hope you enjoy StLouis wish we could rock with you! If you really want to know how We feel about this, just reach out to me and I'll tell you how We really feel! Fan for Life

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vickieb075's picture

I couldn't agree more. I've been a loyal fan since I was 15, for almost 30 years now. I never miss a Sammy concert but the scalpers got the good seats first. The ticket prices on stubhub are outrageous!! Being ten rows from the very back is still $100 a ticket. That's just crazy that the scalpers can get away with it. I am really sad.