Sammy South Lake Tahoe?

March 05, 2018 by JimmyZ

Any info of Sammy coming to South Lake Tahoe?

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Hotels are looking close to full already, & Airfare can always be cancelled. I myself have already invested. Thinking " Left of Centre" will be on stage @ the Wabo for the weekend. The Foot meeting Friday & Saturday Nights. Then that weekend, the Summer night show is released. A Flippin A great time to be had by all !!!

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Yes, lots of us have to book flights. Can we get a thumbs up or down? Up, preferably

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Gettin' to be 'bout that time to announce it Sammy, ... Just Sayin'....Mid March now. Joe is off tour Early May, so are the Red Hot Chilli's, I think it is time for an OFFICIAL FOOT MEETING in TAHOE! ... Just Sayin' ...