New CD Preorder Sales Shipping Delays???

September 29, 2013 by jfpcabowabo

Sam, very disappointed with the preorder program for the new CD! I preordered the CD back in August and have patiently waited for the release date which has come and gone; AND, my CD order is still pending (WTF). Redheads are purchasing the CD at stores while I am still waiting for my CD to be shipped. Come on Sam, this is wrong.

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got my gold package today finally.Let's just say not happy what so ever.Will never order from these people again.Sent wrong size shirt.Called they said i ordered xl not medium.Last thing i ordered it on the first go around when only 100 were to be made which sold out in hours.Then they said 250 were going to be made since i ordered in the first round would have thought they would have kept track of who bought when.But no i got one of the worst numbered.Just a little rant ps the picture is cool

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I got mine today. I didn't care about the delay as it's come to be expected from the orders with extras. Having the digital copy was fine. However, my limited edited signed print out of 100 is now out of 250?!?!?!

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I'm in the same boat. The only that kept me from going completely off on them was that at least I have my digital copy , which they didn't release on time either. Worse than the " sorry we are late "email was there complete dishonesty. I emailed them a couple of days after the release. It took them three days to respond and they told me my order was processing at the fulfillment center and would ship shortly. They knew they didn't have the stuff and lied when I asked them directly where my merchandise was.
But rest assured redheads , Sammy takes it very seriously when places he does business with treat his fans badly or reflect badly on his name. Just remember the Fresno cabo wabo. What Fresno cabo wabo? Exactly

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I finally got a "we're late" message yesterday. What a drag. Wouldn't have happened at Amazon or a score of other places, but I ordered here because of the connection with Sam. Hoping my stuff comes before the NJ/NY shows (which I'm still psyched for).

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I've asked for a refund and gotten no response from this company.
I WILL be taking this up with my credit card company and file a complaint against this company for stealing my money.
Way to go Sam, hooked up with such a fan friendly company.
Never will order thru this website again.
HORRIBLE, horrible, uncommunicative TOPSPIN media.
I advise others to try to get your money back as this company won't be around long with this kind of service.

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I have been impacted by this as well. Not happy.

A simple update last week via email and an option to either wait or cancel would have been a great option.

Of course some would have bailed and there would have been a loss of that's why that didn't happen. Cash Grab.

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EPIC fail by Topspin Media on this one . . . It's one thing to have a delay, but to NOT tell anyone until TODAY??!! I'm in sales and that's just WRONG in soooooo many ways. I hope you shitcan them and hold their feet to the fire. I'm dyin' to hear the new stuff and could have bought it retail a week ago . . . go figure.