Red Rocker Virgin !! Needs Advice ..

March 13, 2013 by jessica parrotte

Red Rocker Virgin.... Needs advice !! Trying to book 2013 & wondering with the Sunday being the BASH day..whats better arrive the week before or stay weekafter. Can't wait ....

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Go down for both weeks if you can. It's always a Redhead party...

Later Jeff

FDIC 2013

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The final concert for birthday bash is ALWAYS on Sammy's actual birthday, 10/13. If you are looking to maximize your opportunities for concert attendance, book 10/7 - 10/14. If you don't have good fortune for the online tickets, at least you would be there to stand in line for dinner tickets.

You can't go wrong with a vacation in Cabo so do what you need to do to maximize your person fun.