Cabo wabi cantina

February 26, 2013 by Jerryrocheleau

I will be in Cabo on Oct 5 - 12. How do I get tickets to the cantina during that time?

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They have already announced that once again the lottery drawing system will be used this year. There are talks of having the system do checks to not allow multiple shows picked, and also having the ticket drawing earlier than last year. I along with as Jeff posted hope that the first mentioned does happen. There were people last year who got in for all four shows and others who did not get a single show. I went last year without tickets and did the outside party on the last show, and got to see the band arrive plus Emeril and Matt Sorum.

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I'm not for sure how the tickets will be sold this year. Last year was a raffle drawing and my wife and I were lucky to get tixs to the first show. Some people last year got tixs for all four shows, not really fair to a lot of Redheads. We are also going to Cabo in Oct. the same dates as you. We are staying at the Riu Santa Fe again, had a great time there last year. So until Oct., Keep the Sammy music loud and Mas Tequila.

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