I had a dream about Sammy Hagar and Cabo Wabo in Cabo

November 08, 2013 by Jeri Skipper

Last night I had a dream that Sammy was with Mark Anthony in a funky town in Mexico. Sammy put his elbow on my shoulder and I told him how great his concert was in San Francisco at the Americas Cup Pavilion. I said my husband and I loved it.

I told him we were going to Cabo in November- Any chance you will show up and play at Cabo Wabo with Flavio and the Gang? In my Dream he said we are releasing two new songs and we will be there one of nights you are in town . I told him critics said the SF concert was one of his best concerts ever. I wish he would have told me in my dream which night he was going to show up and sing with his Cabo Wabo band. We never can go to the birthday bash because of our teenage girls. So what a treat it would be to see you in November close to Thanksgiving at Cabo Wabo.
Convention I just went to ended with "Right Now" by Sammy Hagar blasting for 1500 people to take action and have the best life ever. That's the impact of your music!

Red Rocker Jeri

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