2018 Birthday Bash Dates

March 06, 2018 by jd-underdog

I know its early but wondering what everyone thinks the dates will be this year for the B-day bash shows in Cabo this year? Sammy's birthday is on a saturday this year will the shows be the week before or the week after?

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We took a guess based on history, and booked at Playa Grande for the week BEFORE his actual birthday and bought our plane Tix 3.months ago!..Never been, and can't wait for October!

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We are hoping that there will be a show on the 13th. We are flying in that day. If anyone hears any dates please post. Thanks. Hope to see you there!

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Here's hoping the party is still going on by the 13th. We fly in that day and we would love to be there!

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It has historically been 10/7, 10/9, 10/11, and 10/13. Last year they changed it up a bit. But I would think that normal dates would be back on track this year. Only time will tell.. looking at hotels tonight. Back to do the Cabo Wobble downtown!!

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99% of the shows have been on or before the 13th. last year was the 1st time I know there was a show after his actual birthday. IMO shows will be Oct 7, 9, 11 & 13 but just a guess!